Friday, March 6, 2009

Unity - Diversity - Integration

Music, Sound, Media and People. Yes, but what does it all mean? It means "what you want it to mean". It means nothing if that is what you want to think! But bringing it all together could mean that I can express myself, communicate ideas, share experiences. For the benefit of all, of course.

And since I can't wait for Unity to come to me from the outside, I have to start to make it happen from within. Then finding ways to harmonize my Life with the Cosmos will be a more tangible and immediate undertaking. And integration eventually becomes a natural way of living.

Right now, I'm considering Holosync technology.  I'll share my results here when I actually start the program sometime before summer. I want to check it out for myself. It seems like I should be able to do more, be more, get more out of Life. Whatever gets you going, you can be more of what and who you already are. Diversity is a good thing! ;O)